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Our company is engaged in software development, information systems, database applications, website development, website solution development, and other services in information technology. Here are a few examples of areas in which we have already worked.

Custom web design

We offer web design, including databases, e-shop and others. See some examples:

Applications for the Web

Creation of databases, flash applications, games, graphics

Customer software

We have been developping software according to customer requirements. Examples of completed projects of information systems, computer aplications, we have developed and delivered it to customers:
Program to generate a maze, rendering and searching the shortest passage through the maze using AI (artificial intelligence).
Car simulation control.
Applications for the visualization of data structures.
OpenGL application for Tutoring, using GLUT library.
Information system of property records for the village/town.
Registration and rental apartments and commercial space..
Programs: records of complaints, claims records, records of work orders.
Web site and more ...

Medical Imagine ToolKit Volumetric Data Viewer

Full Qt-based application, allows for viewing 3D and 4D nrrd (nearly raw raster data) data sets.

Cloud Visualization Application

Full GTK-based application, cross platform (Linux and Windows). It shows animated...

Information system

Management and rental apartments and commercial space. Includes subsystems registration of housing, distribution of supplies heating ,hot water and other services. This information system operated by many of our customers to twenty years, is regularly updated as changes in laws and regulations, and irregularly according to the users or technology development.

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Graphics, development, webGL

We are working to develop new software for 3D graphics. Our graphical outputs are built on the requirement of render scenes in real time, without precomputation.

The graphics are based on hybrid technology, interconnection ray tracing and rasterization. The software is partly developed on the platform OpenGL, OpenAL, and own algorithms. It is most compatible, run on most versions of Windows on all Linux distributions.

Product Rendering Engine

We've created and worked on rendering engine in WebGL that allows for interactively...

Interactive Product Rendering Engine

Second stage of WebGL engine, that We've worked on. Allows for interaction in the scene,...

Environment Rendering Engine

Third stage in WebGL engine product that we are working on. This stage added 3D...

Graphics, development, CUDA

Demonstration of our graphical output:

CUDA Ray Tracer

Real time CUDA ray tracer with textured materials.

CUDA Path Tracer

Interactive CUDA path tracer, created on top of AILA framework.

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  • Otte IT s.r.o.
  • Registered office: Sedlešovice 198
  • 671 81 Nový Šaldorf - Sedlešovice
  • Company registration number: 03514242, VAT ID: CZ03514242
  • Registered the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, volume C, file 85258
  • mail: info@otte.cz
  • phone: +420 603 167 202

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